Cloud Video Surveillance
The video stream is transmitted using peer-to-peer technology from one computer to another computer by Web Camera Pro software. Web Camera Cloud will make video surveillance smart enabling it to event-triggered think for real-time object detection
Web Camera Cloud - Cloud video surveillance over the Internet.

Free Webcam Software

For remote video surveillance, you no longer need a dedicated white ip address and you can monitor your premises or your home without using a cloud server. At the same time, for the safety of video recordings, they can be automatically archived on the Web Camera Cloud, Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Teambox, iCloud, MCS, pCloud, AWS and other cloud storage locations. You can also stream video to YouTube and other social networks by RTMP.

For example, you can easily embed a YouTube stream on your website and show online what is happening at your construction site, in your store or office.

Peer-2-Peer Connections

The fundamental difference from other solutions is that their video stream is transmitted through a cloud server, which requires encoding, decoding and relaying to the application. And this significantly increases the cost of servers and makes competing solutions expensive. Web Camera Cloud is a breakthrough solution that dramatically reduces cloud server costs. Webcam Pro uses only signaling servers that connect clients via P2P connections.

Computer vision

New deep machine learning algorithms allow to reduce the size of video surveillance archive by real-time object detections, face and license plate recognitions on ordinary PC and micro-computers.

The combination of artificial intelligence and P2P technology will help you build an effective video surveillance system without the involvement of expensive specialists.
Existing surveillance systems are useless and ineffective, because they are only able to save video in the archive. Change the concept from simple video capture to smart surveillance using artificial intelligence

Our software will convert ordinary cameras into intelligent sefety devices that do realize what is happening on the video.

Key Benefits:

  • Security and video monitoring without extra costs
  • Fundamentally new level in video surveillance and security
  • P2P video surveillance in the house, office, nanny.
  • Safety of your property and video surveillance of animals.
  • Record videos from computer desktop in the background
  • Record time lapses from any IP Cameras and desktops of computers in the background.
  • Effective Compression for High Quality HD Video
  • Monitoring remote offices and employees

Web Camera Cloud helps the operator identify target information by displaying only relevant events from the entire video stream. The application also saves disc space and equipment costs, thanks to intelligent time-lapse processing.(one frame per second). The complete video record will be played only upon the occurrence of one or other specific events. This will significantly reduce your equipment and RAID requirements and thereby minimize the total network load.

    Video Surveillance Cloud

    Video Surveillance Cloud provides object recognition through computer vision technology
    and lets you implement remote video surveillance in a quality and professional way.
    Software uses superb technologies based on deep-learning networks, trained on large data sets.

    Make video surveillance with artificial intelligence
    accessible for everyone!

    Start now!
    Download Web Camera Pro for remote P2P video surveillance. You don't need a dedicated IP address or DDNS. Stream video directly from one computer to another using Peer-To-Peer technology.

    Cloud CCTV - Video Surveillance

    How it works
    CCTV, Webcam, IP Cameras, Monitors
    Intelligent subsystem detects network cameras and connects them to the application.
    Webcam Pro
    Web Camera Pro Software enriches video surveillance with artificial intelligence to recognize objects in real time
    Cloud Server
    You can use Cloud Video Surveillance, Dropbox, AWS or Telegram messengers
    to store video filesYou can use Video Surveillance Cloud, Dropbox, AWS or Telegram messengers to store video files
    Video Surveillance Cloud
    Smart video surveillance based on artificial intelligence.

    Video Surveillance Systems

    Elevator hall
    Webcam software will send videos to your mobile phone only if a specific event occurs in the hall.
    Parking lot
    Video surveillance system will automatically identify a car entry/exit along with its license plate.
    You'll have surveillance over pets and guests in your apartment. The application will even distinguish a man from a pet.
    Your yard
    An intelligent video surveillance software monitors what's going on in the backyard or inside the house.
    Facilities security
    Webcam application will help the operator identify target information by displaying only relevant events out of the entire video stream.
    Monitoring of nanny activities; monitoring of cleaning activities on the basis of human detection.
    Real time performance
    The application is built using state-of-the-art deep learning models that are being trained on mass data.
    Web Camera Cloud enriches video surveillance with artificial intelligence to recognize objects in real time. The technology is designed to run on GPU processors to achieve fast performance.

    You will be able to review all webcasts and events using your YouTube channel. Time-lapse (one frame per second) mode is available 24/7.